• Development of Photonic Materials and Electro-Optical Devices

Project number: T.C. Cumhurbaşkanlığı Strateji ve Bütçe Başkanlığı 2019K12-92587, 2019 (continue), Researcher

  • Effect of the composition on the structural, optical and electrical  properties of Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)4 thin films for optoelectronic  devices 

Project number: TUBITAK-115F280, 2018 (completed), Researcher

  • Fabrication of the Boron doped thin film solar cell with high performance 

Project number: 0661.TGSD.2015, Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry-2016 (completed), Coordinator

  • Investigation of A2BB’O6 (A = La, Ce ; B = Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu) Interlantanides double-Perovskite Oxides with First Principle method 

Project number: PYO-KMY.4001.15.001, Ahi Evran University- 2016 (completed), Coordinator

  • The First-Prenciples calculations of structural, electronic, and lattice dynamical properties of W2SiX (X= B, C, and N) compounds. 

Project number: KMY.E2.16.001, Ahi Evran University- 2017 (completed), Coordinator

  • Investigation of structural, mechanical, electronic and optical properties of some Metal Oxides/ Nitrate Nano-tubes with Ab-initio methods

Project number: FEF.05/2009-55, Gazi University-2010 (completed), Researcher

  • Investigation of Elastic, Electronic and optical properties of some AB-type compounds with Ab-initio method

 Project number: FEF.05/2008-42, Gazi University-2009 (completed), Resercher